The NEEBER-SCHULER CHOIR Frankfurt Liederkranz 1828 is one of the oldest choirs in Frankfurt. As it exists today, it was formed in 1967 by the merger of the ‘Liederkranz’, established in 1828, with the ‘NEEBER-SCHULER CHOIR’, which in turn had been created in 1951 by merging the Neeber and the Schuler male-voice choirs (founded in 1865 and 1864 respectively). As was customary in times past, the naming of the two male-voice choirs was a mark of respect for the founding choirmasters and composers  Heinrich Adam Neeb  and Franz Schuler.

In 1973, under the guidance of then chairman Herbert Hahn, a children’s choir was added to the choir, which had resumed activities after WW2 and become a mixed choir in 1956. In 1979, a ‘young choir’ was added. Since the summer of 1994 the children’s choir has cooperated closely with the Heinrich-Seliger school.

Following on from Paul Zoll and Ludwig Karl Weber, since 1978 the musical direction of the group of choirs has been in the hands of Dr. Helmut Bartel, formerly Head of the Music Department at the Heinrich-von-Gagern High School, Frankfurt, and Director of Music at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

The choir, which rehearses in the Frankfurt ‘Choir House’, is now one of the few choral groups in Frankfurt which has a children’s choir, a young choir, and an adult choir. Thanks to this constellation, the choir – in various groupings – is able to perform a differentiated, varied artistic programme which is always freshly elaborated for each project and does not rely on recurring pieces from a basic repertoire; this also simplifies the learning process for interested new singers. Part of the educational artistic concept is the integration of the children’s choir into the overall choral programme, often quite demanding for the young singers.

In addition to its traditional Christmas concert, the NEEBER-SCHULER CHOIR organizes annual concert tours which have brought its choristers to many places in Germany, and also to countries such as Spain, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and even Argentina. The last major concert tour in October 2019 led us to Namibia.

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